The Ukraine Lab: Shock Therapy and Its Discontents 

Noah Schwartz // Instead of promoting post-war economic measures that look to trim away the state, the United States should seek to harness the newly found sense of civic nationalism to promote a post-war Ukrainian state that takes an active role in promoting its own defense industrial policy, expropriating oligarchs, and managing its own economic affairs. 

Unraveling the Enigma: The National Security Implications of UFOs and UAPs

Jacob Bosen // There are many possibilities for the origin of UFOs. These possibilities include black projects, adversarial powers, and extraterrestrial sources. Some arguments are stronger than others, and it is most likely that the origin of UFOs and UAP is a mixture of all claimed sources of origin. 

Haiti Needs Help, but the U.S. Needs To Change Before It Can Provide It

Xiomara Jean-Louis // Rather than wipe its hands of involvement after having contributed to Haiti’s squalor, the United States should shift from an interventionist view to a introspective one and reflect on how its policies create the conditions for harm outside its borders—intentionally or not.