Realist Review Submission Guidelines

Email your submissions to

Journalism:  (Interviews, Reporting, own experiences) We expect you to have interacted directly with primary involved, gotten their perspectives. It’s not about your perspective, it’s about your subjects’. 

Minimum: 500 words

Maximum: 1,000 words

Commentary/Analysis: Expressing a perspective on policies or developments in international affairs and diplomacy.

Minimum: 800 words

Maximum: 2,000 words

What we don’t want:

  • Academic Papers –  the writing we publish is intended for a non-academic, though informed audience.
  • Pure Memoir – personal nonfiction is accepted, but should include some connection to broader regional/international issues.


  • Quotes and Statistics should be accurately sourced and hyperlinked (all sources should be hyperlinked).
  • Submissions should be free, for the most part, of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Our editors will only accept finished and proofread pieces.
  • You must approach arguments with enough intellectual honesty to accurately represent the other side. Realist Review does not publish strawmen. (source & hyperlink claims).
  • Journalistic pieces should abide by standards explained in .
  • We intend to publish work that represents your unique voice and perspective, not writing that could be found on the front page or op/ed sections of the New York Times, or The Washington Post.