Realist Review Submission Guidelines

Please submit your articles to this form:

Realist Review Submission Form


What We Want:

The Realist Review is primarily interested in written commentary or analysis that expresses a perspective on policies or developments in international affairs and diplomacy.

Minimum: 800 words

Maximum: 1200 words

Other forms of content, such as journalism or audio/visual media, will be accepted on a case-by-case basis according to the editor’s discretion. Please contact with any questions.

What We Don’t Want:

  • Academic Papers: The writing published by the Realist Review is intended for an informed but non-academic audience. This means writers should avoid the use of obscure phrases or excessively lengthy sentences.
  • Pure Memoir: Personal nonfiction is accepted on a rare basis and should include an unmistakable connection to broader regional/international issues. In general, writers should avoid using the first or second person voice in articles wherever possible.
  • Partisan Advocacy – The Realist Review will not publish pieces that advocate for the election of specific political candidates or parties, nor will it entertain personal attacks on policymakers.


  • Remain communicative with the editorial staff
  • Quotations, statistics and all other measurable claims should be hyperlinked to a reputable source.
  • Submissions should be free, for the most part, of grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Journalistic pieces should abide by standards explained in .
  • We intend to publish work that represents your unique voice and perspective. The Editorial Team will use its discretion to decide if a proposed article is worth publication and what revisions are necessary.

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