How Will These Men Change American Immigration Policy?

By Iona Volynets // Their decisions might transform relations between the US and countries where many of the US’s undocumented immigrants tend to come from. For those interested in immigration and American foreign politics, Chris Magnus and Ed Gonzalez are men to keep an eye on. 

A Green Future or a Lifetime of Lockdowns?

By Iona Volynets // With the upcoming COP 26 conference, Biden has an opportunity to reassert his dedication to stopping climate change. He can make good on his financial promises to the Global South and Amazon rainforest, introduce policy to act on deforestation, and clarify specifics for many of his other vague policies. 

A Tale of Two Tragedies: Why Is Cuba More Important than Ethiopia?

By Brad Settelmeyer // US policy can be counterintuitive: while politicians might have caring words for the Cuban people, they have taken significantly more action on the situation in Tigray. Although executive offices addressed both international crises, the Cuban riots seemed to elicit a strong public response and the Ethiopian crisis a more diplomatic one.

Securing Paradise: The Need for Intentional Diplomacy in the Caribbean

By Liam Miller // There is trouble in paradise. Ongoing political unrest in Haiti and Cuba have dominated headlines and have even led to talks of potential U.S. military intervention. The recent increase in American attention on the Caribbean is a reminder of the region’s often-overlooked strategic significance.