Stay Behind Forces in Taiwan: No Room to Swing a Gladius

Stanley Mitchell // Strategists and analysts should reconsider the value and purpose of SB operations in the context of Taiwan. Historical SB operations were intended to support and amplify the activity of a relatively closely located friendly force, and to facilitate the flow of operatives. All of this is made exponentially more difficult in an island like Taiwan.

Liberal Interventionism and the Crisis of International Law

Julian Fisher // When the United States...enforced international law against an aggressive Iraq and brought war criminals to trial in Yugoslavia, all while embarking on its own aggressive wars and committing its own war crimes...left the lasting impression...that the international system is neither value-neutral nor necessarily liberal but merely subservient to hegemonic power. 

Russia’s Invasion A Year Later: How Putin Could Have Secured His Strategic Aims at a Smaller Cost

Jacob Bosen // Russia missed an opportunity by not utilizing the same tactics that the Soviet Union frequently deployed during the Cold War known as active measures. Political warfare and protracted conflict should have been Russia’s choice of weapons against the United States and Ukraine, not direct military conflict.