What’s Happening in Ethiopia?

The UN estimates that 7 million people in Tigray require urgent assistance because of food insecurity. Both sides have committed massacres, but the government has likely killed far more. Though Abiy Ahmed is a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, his forces continue to commit heinous war crimes against Tigray’s civilian population.

A Tale of Two Tragedies: Why Is Cuba More Important than Ethiopia?

US policy can be counterintuitive: while politicians might have caring words for the Cuban people, they have taken significantly more action on the situation in Tigray. Although executive offices addressed both international crises, the Cuban riots seemed to elicit a strong public response and the Ethiopian crisis a more diplomatic one.

One Belt, One Road, Many Misconceptions

The Case for a More Measured Assessment of China’s “New Silk Road” Photo Credit: Sgt. Amber Smith/DVIDS   Alison O’Neil and Andrew C. Jarocki Massive. Weaponized. Even a “stalking horse to advance security concerns.”   These are just some of the dramatic terms high-ranking officials, including top American military brass and defense secretaries, have used … Continue reading One Belt, One Road, Many Misconceptions

What Medieval East Africa Can Teach Us About Realism

Old Dobgola Kingdom of Makuria, Throne hall. Author: Hans Nilsen   By: Matthew Petti In 625 AD, two armies met along the Nile. Muslim warriors led by Abdullah ibn Saad ibn Abi-Sarh marched south from Egypt towards Dongola, the capital of the Christian kingdom of Makuria, which ruled over Nubia in modern-day Sudan. But the … Continue reading What Medieval East Africa Can Teach Us About Realism

China’s Military Base in Djibouti: The First of Many?

Image: Natalie Wu By John Park China’s military and economic activity in East Africa display capabilities of a great power but also suggest greater ambitions for hegemony. When China opened its first military base in Djibouti, this was a significant shift from decades of noninterventionist Chinese foreign policy established by Deng Xiaoping’s “24-Character Strategy.” Djibouti’s … Continue reading China’s Military Base in Djibouti: The First of Many?