The Things They Carried (And Then Left Behind)

Uncle Sam has quite the hole in his pocket. As the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan continues, critics understandably worry about who is left behind. However, perhaps as frustrating is the emerging picture of what is being left behind.

Securing Paradise: The Need for Intentional Diplomacy in the Caribbean

There is trouble in paradise.  Ongoing political unrest in Haiti and Cuba have dominated headlines and have even led to talks of potential U.S. military intervention. The recent increase in American attention on the Caribbean is a reminder of the region’s often-overlooked strategic significance. 

One Belt, One Road, Many Misconceptions

The Case for a More Measured Assessment of China’s “New Silk Road” Photo Credit: Sgt. Amber Smith/DVIDS   Alison O’Neil and Andrew C. Jarocki Massive. Weaponized. Even a “stalking horse to advance security concerns.”   These are just some of the dramatic terms high-ranking officials, including top American military brass and defense secretaries, have used … Continue reading One Belt, One Road, Many Misconceptions

The Nation That Won Too Much

Image Credit: Sgt. Nicholas Brown-Bell/DVIDS By Thomas Brodey Few countries have enjoyed as much military success as the United States. Throughout the last two hundred years, most other modern nations have suffered catastrophic defeats and humiliating treaties. The United States, on the other hand, has never lost a war over its core interests.  While the … Continue reading The Nation That Won Too Much

Forever Is Now: Leaving Afghanistan

Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Jonathan Snyder, United States Air Forces Central/DVIDS  By Andrew C. Jarocki It’s increasingly popular and bipartisan to call for an end to “forever wars” like Afghanistan.  President Biden seems to have recognized this reality, writing on the campaign trail that “staying entrenched in unwinnable conflicts drains our capacity to lead on … Continue reading Forever Is Now: Leaving Afghanistan