Who Are We?


David Saveliev

David Saveliev is a writer and filmmaker who is passionate about the environment, cyber politics, conflict resolution and media’s role in politics. His skills range from complex academic research to guerrilla filmmaking. He has extensive international experience, having studied abroad in Oxford, Bologna, and Ecuador. He is currently studying international relations at Johns Hopkins University. He also filmed and produced Borders and Blood, a documentary on the frontlines of the war in Ukraine. He and Dimitri Simes founded Realist Review in 2017.

Dimitri Alexander Simes

Dimitri Alexander Simes is a journalist covering international affairs, with a specialty in Russian foreign policy. He has reported from both Washington, D.C. and Moscow, Russia for The National Interest, Nikkei Asian Review, The Daily Caller, CNSNews.com, SpectatorUSA, Human Events, and The American Conservative. As part of his work, Dimitri has interviewed American and Russian policy makers, scholars, activists, and ordinary citizens. He and David Saveliev founded Realist Review in 2017.


Katie Zakrzewski

Katie Zakrzewski is the CEO of Realist Review, and is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. In college, she double majored in criminal justice and anthropology, was student body President, and Valedictorian. She is a 3 times published author, local activist and Conservative lobbyist for environmental policy, and queer rights. She hopes to eventually pursue a PhD in criminal justice and enact policy change.


Scott Strgacich

Scott Strgacich is a writer and researcher focused on a range of subjects in global affairs including US strategy in the Persian Gulf, Iranian foreign policy, nonproliferation and the structures of modern democratic states. He is also passionate about Egyptology, Mesoamerican archaeology, Renaissance political theory and the applied history of the Classical world with a special focus on the Roman Republic. Scott graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2018 with a BA in political science. His honors thesis explored the origins and future of Iranian strategic culture. He currently works for the US House of Representatives.

Deputy Editor:

Andrew Jarocki


Andrew Jarocki is a recent graduate of the University of Notre Dame. A Political Science major, he was an active member of the Notre Dame John Quincy Adams Society (NDJQAS) and the Notre Dame International Security Center (NDISC). He has previously covered international relations for DefenseNews and MilitaryTimes. Andrew is currently serving in his beloved Minnesota as a Lead for America Fellow.

Director of Digital Content and Marketing

Matt Brafman

Matt Brafman is a midwestern-born writer and researcher with a background in issue advocacy and public policy. A graduate of Oakland University, Mr. Brafman has spent his career working in a number of public offices and on numerous political campaigns. In his spare time, Matt enjoys hiking in our country’s national parks, reading about our nation’s founding, and discussing the pressing policy issues of the day at many of DC’s think tank roundtables.

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