Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Kosovo and Serbia’s Long Frozen Conflict

Alexander Miguel // Just as Milosevic lost control of a unified Yugoslavia during the decline of the Soviet Union, the SNS may have to cut their losses in Kosovo and join the EU. The United States has already encouraged both Pristina and Belgrade to make peace. From here, Washington should keep a delicate hand and welcome Serbian integration into the rest of Europe, though be realistic in its expectations.

Zelensky’s Visit, “Kossuth Mania,” and America’s Altered Foreign Policy Debate

Lajos Kossuth on Broadway. New York Public Library Digital Collection. Public domain. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech to Congress Wednesday night saw the leader receive a standing ovation roughly once every ninety seconds. The enthusiasm brought to mind a similar episode 171 years ago: a visit by Hungarian revolutionary Lajos Kossuth. Kossuth had led Hungary … Continue reading Zelensky’s Visit, “Kossuth Mania,” and America’s Altered Foreign Policy Debate

The United States’ Counter-Productive Foreign Policy in Ukraine

By Johnny B. Davis // The United States needs a strategic reevaluation of its Russia policy. Russia is wrong to engage in war aggression against Ukraine. Still, the United States and Russia’s interests do not conflict. Ukraine is an issue between the European Union and Russia.