The Baltic States: Assets or Liabilities?

American F-16s police the Baltic Sea in 2017. Photo Credit: Sgt. Jonathan Snyder/DVIDS By Matthew Mai President Biden has pledged to put America “back at the head of the table” by restoring confidence in the NATO alliance. Yet, regardless of the current attitude in the White House, the United States’ defense commitments to countries on … Continue reading The Baltic States: Assets or Liabilities?

Russia Moves to Censor Internet

Image by Matt Brafman Written by Christina M. Vogel A series of bills in Russian parliament passed making “disrespect” to the Russian government and spreading “fake news” a criminal offense. Depending on the offense, these crimes result in jail time or fines. The bills themselves include Sovereign Internet. With this new bill, Russia follows China’s … Continue reading Russia Moves to Censor Internet

Central Asia: Too Big to Ignore

Written by: Caroline Caywood Edited by: Andrew Doris The past few decades have been saturated with news and warnings of a rising China and a belligerent Russia. Seemingly forgotten, however, is the Central Asian region, which has historically garnered interest from both superpowers over the last century. With growing influence from Russia, China, and the … Continue reading Central Asia: Too Big to Ignore

Avangard Missile: Meet Putin’s Newest Weapon

Image by Natalie Wu By Anthony Ross (00:00) Later this year, somewhere in Southern Russia, a camouflaged hatch slides open to reveal a deep, dark well. Seconds later, a column of smoke and fire erupt from this newly revealed portal, as if the forces of hell were attempting to pass into the mortal coil. A … Continue reading Avangard Missile: Meet Putin’s Newest Weapon