Ideas Have People: The Killing of Zawahiri and the War on Terror

By Matthew Bryant // What was the effect that the death of Ayman Al-Zawahiri had on the global war on terror? The straightforward answer is that it mattered very little. The United States framed the global war on terror in terms of fighting an ideology rather than a specific target.

Israel, Palestine and the Fallacy of the BDS Movement 

By David Heimowitz // Israeli-Arabs, sometimes referred to as “Palestinian citizens of Israel,” constitute 21% of Israel’s population. If BDS persuaded companies to initiate a series of successful boycotts, or even embargoes, Israel and Palestine both would witness a drop in their standard of living. 

Syria, Yugoslavia, and A Lesson for America

Yugoslavian Army General Headquarters building damaged during NATO bombing. Source: Not Home at Wikimedia By Coleman Hopkins President Trump’s recently expressed desire to withdraw US forces from Syria has set off neoconservative and progressive critics who charge that such an action would put the security of America’s regional allies at risk, and would even advance … Continue reading Syria, Yugoslavia, and A Lesson for America