Securing Paradise: The Need for Intentional Diplomacy in the Caribbean

There is trouble in paradise.  Ongoing political unrest in Haiti and Cuba have dominated headlines and have even led to talks of potential U.S. military intervention. The recent increase in American attention on the Caribbean is a reminder of the region’s often-overlooked strategic significance. 

Beware of Fulda Gap Syndrome: China is Not Rushing into Afghanistan

President Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan has been met with approval by a majority of Americans. However, a curious set of detractors in the media and think tank sphere have recently been fretting that the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan somehow benefits China.

One Belt, One Road, Many Misconceptions

The Case for a More Measured Assessment of China’s “New Silk Road” Photo Credit: Sgt. Amber Smith/DVIDS   Alison O’Neil and Andrew C. Jarocki Massive. Weaponized. Even a “stalking horse to advance security concerns.”   These are just some of the dramatic terms high-ranking officials, including top American military brass and defense secretaries, have used … Continue reading One Belt, One Road, Many Misconceptions

Mining to Win: The Growing Strategic Imperative for Domestic Mineral Supply

By Andrew C. Jarocki The Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine is one of the largest active open pit mines in the US. Photo Credit: CC/Wikimedia Commons/Chipcity The rise of electric vehicles and other energy technologies will dramatically increase demand for strategic minerals. As a result, domestic mining has a new importance to the national interest and the US … Continue reading Mining to Win: The Growing Strategic Imperative for Domestic Mineral Supply

Central Asia: Too Big to Ignore

Written by: Caroline Caywood Edited by: Andrew Doris The past few decades have been saturated with news and warnings of a rising China and a belligerent Russia. Seemingly forgotten, however, is the Central Asian region, which has historically garnered interest from both superpowers over the last century. With growing influence from Russia, China, and the … Continue reading Central Asia: Too Big to Ignore

The Problem with Trump’s Tariffs

By Austin Rose On Friday, January 26, President Donald Trump stood before a packed crowd of global elites at the famously ritzy World Economic Forum in Davos and proclaimed that “the United States will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices including… industrial subsidies and pervasive state-led economic planning.” Ironically, that very … Continue reading The Problem with Trump’s Tariffs