AUKUS Sub Deal: Implications for the Nuclear Arms Control Regime

By Shravan Krishnan // Even the presence of nuclear-powered submarines presents a variety of challenges for Australia. Would these submarines be permitted to dock in New Zealand, a sworn opponent of nuclear proliferation with whom Australia maintains significant interoperability and operational overlap? Would these submarines be more obvious to Chinese passive sonar in the South China Sea than their diesel power counterparts? 

How (and How Not) to Handle China in the Pacific

By Connor Woodin // China’s military build-up, aggressive attitude in international waters, contested territory claims and new trade deals have weakened the United States' position in the Pacific. Although the United States is down, it is not out yet. The United States is still the world's largest economy and one of, if not the most, influential nations in the world. These determinants mean that the United States can recover its position if it plays its cards right. 

America’s European Problem: Friends or Strangers?

By Daniel Durgavich // American leadership seems split on how it means to proceed in Europe. While commitment to Europe and NATO is certain, how that will manifest itself is not yet settled. While President Biden seems intent on restoring the relationship as it was, Secretary of Defense Austin issues more measured statements, indicating a desire to let Europe take the lead.