Afghan National Army? Neither National Nor an Army

The countless years of conflict and numerous casualties Afghan soldiers endured could’ve been a tell-tale sign of what outcome would unfold after U.S. forces inevitably retreated from the region. Given the circumstances in which Afghan forces had to fight, perhaps it is no surprise that soldiers would rather live to die another day than fight a reinvigorated Taliban force.

The Things They Carried (And Then Left Behind)

Uncle Sam has quite the hole in his pocket. As the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan continues, critics understandably worry about who is left behind. However, perhaps as frustrating is the emerging picture of what is being left behind.

Beware of Fulda Gap Syndrome: China is Not Rushing into Afghanistan

President Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan has been met with approval by a majority of Americans. However, a curious set of detractors in the media and think tank sphere have recently been fretting that the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan somehow benefits China.

Forever Is Now: Leaving Afghanistan

Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Jonathan Snyder, United States Air Forces Central/DVIDS  By Andrew C. Jarocki It’s increasingly popular and bipartisan to call for an end to “forever wars” like Afghanistan.  President Biden seems to have recognized this reality, writing on the campaign trail that “staying entrenched in unwinnable conflicts drains our capacity to lead on … Continue reading Forever Is Now: Leaving Afghanistan

Long Wars and Their Discontents

  By Scott Strgacich One day in 14th century Italy, two friars entered the castle of Sir John Hawkwood, the storied English mercenary captain, to petition him regarding some minor business. “May God give you peace, my lord,” they began. “May God take away your alms,” Sir John responded venomously. “Do you not know that … Continue reading Long Wars and Their Discontents