State-Sponsored Terrorism Is Back

Simeone Miller // As the United States faces strategic competition, it must be prepared to respond to the likely increase of state-sponsored terrorism in the coming years. In doing so, it must be cognizant of the blowback of responding to these threats with either unconventional or conventional military force as it has with Salafi-Jihadist terrorists. In lieu, it should be restrained and develop alternative means to engage in the return of state-sponsored terrorism through diplomacy, law enforcement, and intelligence cooperation.

Party Like It’s 1979: Comparing Ukraine and the Last Soviet Invasion

By Brad Settelmeyer & Alison O'Neil // Ukraine’s current conflict is heading the same way as the Afghan war: away from the hallmarks of a “conventional” conflict and towards a protracted insurgency promising high costs for both sides.

Time to Reconsider the US-Pakistan Relationship

By Rishab Chatty // Keeping Islamabad's unacceptable behavior in mind, it makes little sense to continue providing Pakistan with the support America has in the past. Instead, Washington should prioritize forming stronger partnerships with countries such as India, which would make a great ally as a result of shared interests against China.

Emirates and Empires: The Taliban, ISIS-K, and China in the New Afghanistan

By Brad Settelmeyer & Alison O'Neil // ISIS-K presents a unique challenge to the Taliban, many of whom have experience as fighters but few of whom are experts in governance. ISIS-K seeks to dissolve nation-state borders and establish an Islamic caliphate with Afghanistan at its heart.  

Afghan National Army? Neither National Nor an Army

By Brad Settelmeyer & Alison O'Neil // The countless years of conflict and numerous casualties Afghan soldiers endured could’ve been a tell-tale sign of what outcome would unfold after U.S. forces inevitably retreated from the region. Given the circumstances in which Afghan forces had to fight, perhaps it is no surprise that soldiers would rather live to die another day than fight a reinvigorated Taliban force.