Overcoming Myopic Militarism: A Case for Restraint

By Ethan Kessler Right now, America’s Middle East policy is significantly detached from the American national interest. An honest review of America’s interests in the Middle East reveals that they do not require today’s force posture. A bare-bones force posture and military restraint should fully substitute for the sweeping military presence currently in place.  America’s … Continue reading Overcoming Myopic Militarism: A Case for Restraint

Long Wars and Their Discontents

  By Scott Strgacich One day in 14th century Italy, two friars entered the castle of Sir John Hawkwood, the storied English mercenary captain, to petition him regarding some minor business. “May God give you peace, my lord,” they began. “May God take away your alms,” Sir John responded venomously. “Do you not know that … Continue reading Long Wars and Their Discontents