How One Activist Thinks the US Can Help Solve Bahrain’s Problems

Maytham Al Salman by @BahrainRights on Twitter By Matthew Petti BEIRUT―"I'm not part of the opposition, and I never was," says Bahraini activist Maytham Al Salman. "I would characterize myself as a Bahraini being, looking for peace and stability." But his own government disagrees. When we meet at the Beirut offices of Bahrain Interfaith, where … Continue reading How One Activist Thinks the US Can Help Solve Bahrain’s Problems

Democracy and Corruption in Brazil

By Ian Elliott Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2007, copyright World Economic Forum The year is 2010. Jim O’Neill, then chairman of Goldman Sacs, has just claimed that President Lula da Silva is the “most successful G20 policy maker of the last decade.” Brazil has recently hosted a … Continue reading Democracy and Corruption in Brazil

The Problem with Trump’s Tariffs

By Austin Rose On Friday, January 26, President Donald Trump stood before a packed crowd of global elites at the famously ritzy World Economic Forum in Davos and proclaimed that “the United States will no longer turn a blind eye to unfair economic practices including… industrial subsidies and pervasive state-led economic planning.” Ironically, that very … Continue reading The Problem with Trump’s Tariffs

Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: A Look from Israel

By Evan Drukker-Schardl We Americans can be forgiven for complaining about the political whiplash that has bombarded our news cycle in recent months. We dealt with a disorganized White House plagued by scandals and investigations, over inflated reports of the nuclear war threat from North Korea, protests against immigration, taxes, healthcare issues, and even a … Continue reading Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: A Look from Israel