It’s Time To Take Some Responsibility In Ukraine

It should be no surprise to anyone in Washington when Russia invades or uses pro-Russian actors as proxies to prevent Western encroachment into its sphere. Over seven years removed from the annexation of Crimea, it is a fool’s errand to continually try to attribute blame to Russia when many actors are clearly responsible. 

The Poland-Belarus Scenario Nobody is Talking About

A shooting scenario must be taken seriously. It could happen one of two ways. First, someone on the Belarussian side could provide one of the trapped, freshly traumatized and outraged migrants a gun and let them do what they will. Second, an agent provocateur could infiltrate a migrant camp to gesture threateningly or pull the trigger themselves.

National Security Priorities for the Biden Administration

By Fiona Harrigan President Joe Biden’s campaign success largely hinged on promises of change. He spoke of prioritizing alliances, promoting U.S. leadership abroad, and transmitting American values across the world. In the first weeks of his presidency, however, he fell into a concerningly familiar foreign policy rut. By the one-month mark, he had dropped bombs … Continue reading National Security Priorities for the Biden Administration

Biden and Belarus

By Jack Corso Despite the downturn in coverage by western media outlets over the past few months, the popular movements in Belarus against Alexander Lukashenko, the incumbent president, have continued. Lukashenko’s unpredictable behavior has been on full display in recent months as he seemingly expressed a willingness to step down if constitutional reforms were implemented. … Continue reading Biden and Belarus

Belarus Arrests Realign Attention to the Shadow World of Russia’s Private Military Companies

Image Source: Belta News  By Anastasia Couch When the Belarus protests were still burgeoning, Minsk officials arrested 33 men for suspected involvement with Russia’s private security group, Wagner. A Minsk-based source reports that the arrested men held alleged connections with two known citizens of Belarus who each face criminal counts of instigation and suspicion of … Continue reading Belarus Arrests Realign Attention to the Shadow World of Russia’s Private Military Companies