It’s Time To Take Some Responsibility In Ukraine

It should be no surprise to anyone in Washington when Russia invades or uses pro-Russian actors as proxies to prevent Western encroachment into its sphere. Over seven years removed from the annexation of Crimea, it is a fool’s errand to continually try to attribute blame to Russia when many actors are clearly responsible. 

A Stronger Europe for a Stronger West

Although a sovereign and more independent Europe may mean less U.S. influence in the region, Americans should not view it as a bad thing. Over the past several decades, America has been stretched thin through prolonged conflicts and its role as the global police force and defender of democracy. 

Thucydides, Geopolitics and Escalation Points: A Lesson from the Punic Wars

American and Chinese interests do indeed overlap and clash at various points across the globe, from the halls of foreign governments to social media posts online. Yet this does not preordain war nor does the “Allison Trap” provide a useful framework for understanding rising tensions or their associated risks.