Our Mission

Realist Review is an online media outlet that seeks to provide a fresh perspective on foreign policy through the realist prism. The publication is run by university students and young professionals who believe American foreign policy should be dominated by prudence, rationality, diplomacy and the exercise of soft power. 

For the past several decades, the American foreign policy discourse has been dominated by proponents of an intrusive and aggressive strategic mindset. The one-sided, interventionist nature of the current discourse impedes serious analysis and sound policy making, as the consequences of America’s conflicts in the Middle East have revealed. We believe that the best way to avoid repeating our errors is to have a more open, honest and informed conversation about the fundamentals of foreign policy.

At Realist Review, we aim to foster intellectual discussion by providing a platform for new, young voices to share their opinions on foreign policy. We want to empower voices who favor diplomacy over war and restraint over confrontation. We want to promote an informed and rational perspective of global issues. Most of all, we want to provide you with engaging commentary and passionate journalism about the world and the role America plays in it, as seen by its youth.

Come join the dialogue!