A Special Letter to Readers From Our CEO

Dear Realist Review Readers, 

Of all of the utensils ever created, one of the most important is the fork. And it’s not just because I’m a big fan of food, but it’s because of the sentiment behind it. 

At every dinner or special event I’ve ever attended, loved ones would always remind me to keep my fork because the best was yet to come. 

While the “best yet to come” at those dinners was Grandpa’s bread pudding, I have realized that this idea isn’t limited to food.

We at Realist Review have spent the last few years gathering expertise from policy advisors, established writers, and digital marketing experts in our quest to solidify who we are and to better serve our readers. 

We’ve received international input and shared our writing with Washington’s elite. We’ve poured over analytics, scouted universities and reached out to publishing companies for fresh, new writers who are eager to offer the world unique (and much needed) perspectives on foreign affairs. 

Our world is currently undergoing a magnitude of unforeseen changes. Now is a time ripe with both unprecedented technology and timeless problems.

The staff of Realist Review is ready to thrive in this era of new voices in journalism, politics, and foreign policy. For this reason, we are relaunching our platform. This means you can expect a more steady and reliable stream of quality content in the months ahead.

We’ve assembled a great staff whose skill far surpasses their years, and each and every one of us is eager to make a difference.

Visit our website regularly, follow us on Twitter (@review_realist) and grab your forks–because the best is yet to come. 

Thank you for your readership and support,

Katie Zakrzewski

CEO | Realist Review






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